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How to get started in acting.

People have always asked me how I got started as an actor. Is it easy? do I need to go to acting school? etc. Well the answer is not as straightforward as you might think. There are so many ways to get started nowadays. However in this blog I’m going to talk about just one way and will cover acting schools, agents etc in future posts.

My advice is if you’re aiming for the top then build a strong foundation. Every actor should be paid of course but there is a time when I believe if you can make it work that taking on unpaid work can pay off in the long run. Firstly it’s not about what you know but who you know. So for example I found an indie film company that was moving in the right direction. I saw they were casting and the job would have little to no pay short term. I had nothing else on and felt that as the writing and direction was good that if they’d have me I’d throw myself into the project and give 110%.

They took me on and I wasted no time, I asked what could I do to help ease the burden and utilise my contacts and skills to get this film made. I ended up being the set designer, props builder, location scout, stunt coordinator and stunt man to boot! And as a result I was also credited as a producer. I learnt so much during this time I realised there was more in me than I thought and after we wrapped it felt so good just because I’d been involved in the whole process.

By taking a chance on myself I had grown in confidence and experience, I’d gained valuable new contacts and had a renewed sense of optimism and immediately started looking for similar work but I didn’t have to look far as people had noticed I was sharing my experience on social media and offers started to come to me! I guess it’s the law of attraction, people want to work with people who are willing and able.

Now I’m not saying this is the only way or the right way for you, but when all is said and done I went from being stagnant to a moving wheel which actually took me somewhere. That film is in post production and will come out this year and I alongside playing a leading role will get to showcase the other work I did to help make that film a reality.

Let’s face it, how much would you pay to have a showreel? Lots do but this is a more genuine way of gaining credits and having great footage!

The film in question is called Surveilled and was made by

My next blog I’ll be talking about do I need to go to an acting school?

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