The Connemara Kid

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Leaving the sparkling emerald sea for the rough London streets of Bermondsey, a young Gaelic boy deserted by mother must face untold death and a lifetime of horror, incarceration and a fight for his life! The Connemara Kid meets trouble and strife


The small town of Carraroe in Connemara, Galway, on the North West Coast of Ireland.


The opening sequence is told through the eyes of a young Peter McDonough aged 6. He’s running on the beach near his home, his father is catching periwinkles. The weather is rough, dark clouds overhead and rain hammering down forced by the strong wind. Peter is in his element he stands firm facing the roaring sea wearing only his pants. His lips are blue from the cold but still he stands smiling throwing stones into the sea as if to challenge it. For a moment the clouds break forced open by the piercing rays of the sun. A beautiful rainbow appears overhead lighting the sky in stark contrast to the surrounding darkness. He calls his father in his native Gaelic tongue and points at the rainbow excitedly.

Script and film in development by Johnny Kinch coming 2021.